It might look like that roof making is a hard work to do which is needs a lot of architecting and other stuff. But the truth is it’s not that hard. You will only need a pencil and paper. Yes! but that’s just the starting. Measure your house and choose the style you want. Easy, right? The building possesses is easy as well.

First of all, Before you take any step you have to make a listing of all the necessary products and utensils you need. Select the best materials for this work. An advisor will also recommend choosing the best material you can get in the market. Also make a blueprint or drawing of that roof as well. It will help you to move with working properly. Once you have all the things you need to make a roof, its time now to start the making. Make sure you have purchased enough materials. It won’t be good to pause your work for the shortage of materials.

At the very first you have to make a frame with trusses. Design the frames and keep them angled from every side. As the roof size and style is going to be as per your choice so choose a roof which will match with your house. If you want your house having a little place under roof, then just design it that way. But make sure it doesn’t look weird. Make the best frame. your frame is going to hold the whole structure. It depends on your frame that how strong is your roof going to be. Remember, strong frame means strong roof.

Once you have installed the frame attach other supportive parts and trusses as well. They have to be measured and placed right. If you think that you want your roof to be more strong then give the frames some extra support. Lay the wooden board upon that frame. Try not to keep any distance between the wooden boards. Screw them tightly with the frame and then go to each of them for checking.

After that install the underlayment. The most common underlayment is roofing felt, felt uses asphalt instead of tar. The main purpose of the underlayment is waterproofing. Underlayment will keep you safe from rain. You will be dry inside while its raining outside. Similar to sheathing and underlayment, the roof cover is installed from the bottom up. Like sheathing, shingles should be staggered, and like underlayment, they should also overlap. So when it rains, the water drains away.

Similar to underlayment roof cover is going to be attached from bottom to up. Use the best roof cover you can find, Because these little things face more than other parts.

You have to keep maintain your roof periodically and make sure if there is any renovation or little modification needed. Everyone wants to be tension and panic free inside their own house. And if the roof is incomplete or not good enough no one can live happily there. They will have at least a little fear about the roof. A lot of things depends on the roof. So it should be built perfectly to keep everything stable. By following the steps above you can build a strong and beautiful roof for your house. And no chance to dislike, because you are the one to choose everything before construction.


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