For a deck to maintain its beautiful appearance, there is need to take proper care of the material used in making it. This will make it last longer and avoid incurring heavy costs of constructing new decks every now and then. Below are maintenance procedures that you should follow to make the deck last longer and remain appealing:

  • Clean the deck often: Always ensure that the deck is always clean by removing dirt and loose wood fibers using a pressure cleaner. Ensure the deck is left for twenty-four hours to give it time to dry before using it again.
  • Fix every nail that is loosened from a board: if you discover that a nail has loosened from any of the boards, remove it using a hammer. Using a screw which is bigger than the nail, attach the board once again. This will avoid further damage to other unaffected boards.
  • Repair broken wood: if you notice a broken board, cut it using a jigsaw and remove it. Look for a board that is of the same size with the damaged one and using screws, attach it to the area you removed the previous one. The new wood may appear higher than the rest of the boards but once the moisture is completely dried, it will shrink to the same level as the rest.
  • Seal the wood: Applying a wood preservative which has ultraviolet protector will offer protection from moisture and from sun’s radiation as well.
  • Maintain the area around the deck: Even as you work hard to make your deck remain in good shape, ensure that the areas around the deck are well maintained. Do not allow water to remain stagnant around the deck as it could result in rotting of the wood. Do not let the weed grow around the deck too as it will ruin the beauty of the deck.

  • Change the position of things placed on the deck: Leaving items to stand in one place for long will lead to discoloration of the wood. Keep changing the positions to avoid this as this will maintain the color of the deck.
  • Never use chlorine bleach to clean a wooden deck as it will ruin the natural color of the wood and destroy the cellular structure as well. You can use oxygen bleach which will not damage the wood color.
  • Always ensure that you remove any debris from the deck boards to ensure that the drainage is not interfered with. You can use soapy water and a brush to wash the deck along the grain.
  • If you have any oil or grease stain, ensure that they are cleaned immediately so that they do not soak into the deck boards. It will be more expensive to remove this stain when it has stayed for long.
  • To remove ice form a composite deck, never use sharp tools like a shovel or sand to do this task to avoid damaging the edges of the deck. You can use rock salt to carry out this task instead. If the snow is just some light dust, you can use a leaf blower to get the ice off the composite deck.

A deck will last for as long as you want depending on how you maintain it. You can spread polypropylene rugs on the deck to prevent the furniture on the deck from scratching the deck. The rags will also keep oil and grease from penetrating into the deck and make the deck appear cozier.