Winter is a season that makes everyone uncomfortable as the weather is at its harshest as a result of the snow. However much you may try to keep warm by taking hot beverages, accumulation of snow can be troublesome especially if you do not have the right tools.

To assist you to deal with this menace, here is a list of the best tools you can have in your possession to make snow removal easier:

  • Snow shovels: These will be useful when you need to lift, push, dig, and remove snow in areas around you. Shovels are available in diverse models and you can choose the one that best suits you according to the intensity of snowfall in your area of residence. Below are the different types of snow shovels:

Ergonomic shaft snow shovel; this is a snow shovel made with a modifiable shaft which can be adjusted according to the height or weight of an individual. You will find this snow shovel very friendly to use as you will not have to strain your back.

Snow push shovel; this is specially designed to push snow ahead which is very easy. It cannot be used to lift or flying snow and you will, therefore, experience minimal strain in the back region.

Snow Sledge shovel; this has a large design that makes it easy to clear large volumes of snow at once. You are not supposed to lift it but to simply push it to wherever you wish to take the snow. To offload the sledge, simply give it a sharp pull back and it will be emptied.

Telescopic Snow shovels; this snow shovel is made with a shaft that can easily extend and retract by screwing or unscrewing. This makes it easy to carry around at the back of the car in case an emergency occurs while in transit.  

  • Snow pusher: This is a device with an enormous scoop for use when pushing snow especially when the snow is below the depth of six inches. This design should not be used if you suffer from back pain.


  • Brine treatment: Brine is used to treat sidewalks or driveways before snowfall. This will prevent the accumulation of snow when it falls. This will save you the trouble of having to remove the accumulated snow during winter.
  • Shop broom: this is ideal for light storms where only a small amount of snow has accumulated. The broom sweeps the snow powder if its accumulation is just a handful. Besides a broom, leaf blowers can also be used if the powdery ice is very light.


  • Snowblower: This is the most efficient way of snow removal as the snow is blasted away by use of this snow blower. It uses electric power and will, therefore, save you the trouble of using your physical strength to remove snow. A snow blower is light in weight and is operated in a manner similar to how a lawn mower works.

Before the onset of winter, you should ensure that you have enough salt to help in keeping the sidewalks as well as ramps ice-free.  Coating the ice shovel by use of a cooking spray will ensure easy removal of snow from the shovel as it will not be able to stick to the surface. This will make work easier and ensure you do not strain your back in an effort to remove the snow. Ensure you put precautionary measures to prevent a massive buildup of snow on areas that are vulnerable especially on the roof.  Keep your gutters clean so that the ice will run off easily after melting. You can also keep your house safe by cutting tree limbs which could possibly fall on the house due a to a buildup of snow. You do not have to worry about an inevitable occurrence like winter if you are prepared with the right tools to cater for any snow that may pile up.